2017 Holy Week Schedule Of Services

A brief recap of the services for the coming week is provided below:

Maundy Thursday – Agape Supper @ 5:30 pm

We’ll gather in Brooks Hall on Thursday evening to share a simple meal of the kinds of foods Jesus might have sharedwith his disciples – a bit of bread, some wine, along with dried fruits (and more!). It’s also an opportunity for us to enjoy a bit of fellowship together.

It’s a potluck affair, so please bring something to share – pita bread, hummus, grapes, olives, fruit, cheese, wine or grape juice.

And, if you’ve got something blooming in your garden, bring some flowers to decorate our tables.

Maundy Thursday – Communion with foot-washing and stripping of altar @ 6:30 pm

After the informal meal in the parish hall, we will gather in the church sanctuary for a special service in which we remember the night when Jesus gathered his disciples together to celebrate Passover. The proper liturgy for the day celebrates Jesus’ last gifts to us – a sacramental meal of bread and wine and a commandment to love one another as he loves us. In the course of that meal, Jesus showed us how to love by getting down on his knees in loving service.
Our service includes foot-washing, the poignant reminder of Jesus’ love and of his call to us to do the same.

The congregation will leave that night in silence and darkness. But the liturgy only pauses this night, resuming the next day as the congregation gathers again on Good Friday.

Good Friday – Stations of the Cross @ 12 pm

Our Good Friday Noon drama of Walking the Way of the Cross will offer two walks (see labyrinth below). Our beautiful hand carved stations of the walk that Jesus took on this Holy day will be hung in the sanctuary of St. Helen’s Hall. We will walk around the room from station to station re-enacting this sacred journey with words and music.

Good Friday – Labyrinth from 1 pm

We also will have our beautiful 35 foot in diameter labyrinth in the middle of the room available to be walked while the “stations” are walked. The labyrinth will be available for the rest of the afternoon.

Good Friday – Proper Liturgy @ 6:30 pm

Later in the day, we’ll gather for the continuation of our Maundy Thursday service. This service is a solemn invitation into the depths of the mystery of these three days that lie at the heart of our Christian faith.

The proper liturgy for Good Friday incorporates the psalms and solemn collects used by the ancient Church, as well as the reading of the Passion of Christ according to John. The service will end in silence, appropriately anticipating for us the culmination of our services in Holy Week at the Great Vigil of Easter (below).

Holy Saturday – Great Vigil of Easter @ 8 pm

The services of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, are really designed as one long service spread out over three days – the “Triduum.” They find their completion at The Great Vigil of Easter, the most elaborate service of the year, the first and primary service of our Easter celebrations.
Rich with symbols – fire, darkness and light, baptism, music, story – the Great Vigil celebrates new life! Accordingly, this service is the preeminent occasion for the celebration of baptisms – or, in the absence of candidates for baptism, a renewal of our baptismal covenant. And then, at the appointed time, we will “find” the alleluias we hid away before our Ash Wednesday services … and we will sing them out!

Feasts of the Resurrection – Easter Sunday @ 8 (Trinity) and 10:15 am (St. Helens Hall)

And, of course, the services on Easter morning will be celebrated with great joy! To mark the occasion, the church will be adorned with flowers for the season. And our Choir will be on hand to help lead the celebration at both of the morning services!

NOTE: the 10:15 service will be in St. Helens Hall. And an Easter Egg Hunt is planned!

MORE Feasts of the Resurrection – Sundays in Easter @ 8 and 10:15 am

Our celebration of Easter will continue for 50 days thereafter. In the following weeks, we will hear more of the stories of the early Church as we continue to ponder the mystery of the Resurrection in our lives today!

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