Trinity Pilgrims Hiking Group

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Trinity Pilgrims is a hiking group that invites both hearty walkers and those who wish to stop and smell the roses on planned Thursday morning hikes of 4 – 8 miles. We will meet at a designated spot and carpool to the beginning of the hikes. Most hikes will be within a short driving distance with plans to be back home by noon most days. There may be some longer hikes to Iron Mountain for the wildflowers, and along the McKenzie River, or to Smith Rocks, and Sparks Lake. Perhaps some of us will want to train to climb South Sisters in late August!

The equipment necessary is a good pair of trail shoes or hiking boots, water bottles and snacks, and weather appropriate clothing. Friendly dogs are welcome.

The intent of these hikes is to enjoy and possibly learn more about this incredible place we call home, central Oregon.

Details will be sent via email before each hike to those who have shown an interest by signing up by clicking HERE.

Salt Creek Falls- June 4

A rugged hike to Vivian Lake after enjoying Salt Creek Falls.  From that falls to Lower Diamond Creek Falls then on to Vivian Lake and back, about 9.5 miles which had us crossing streams and hiking up with some steep areas.  But we did it and here are a few images.

Wychus Creek – April 16th

Sixteen Trinity Pilgrims had a challenging hike on Thursday, April 16th.   The hike was described as “easy” yet proved to be difficult yet enjoyable especially on a gorgeous day hiking along the water.  Stay tuned for upcoming hikes.  The next scheduled one is May 21st, at Salt Creek Falls, which we have done and will describe more accurately to the list as the time approaches.

Thursday March 19th – Hike and lunch along the Metolius River

Thursday February 19th – Chinese New Year Hike in the Badlands

Trinity Pilgrims celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram February 19th with an 8-mile hike in the Badlands.  A warm, sunny day surrounded the ten of us while we hiked to Badlands Rock, then past Castle Rock, to Flatiron Rock and back to the parking lot via the Homestead Trail.   Some of us climbed to the top of Flatiron Rock to enjoy the view while we snacked on nuts and fruit and chocolate.  Great hike!

Thursday January 29th – Snowshoeing at Mt. Bachelor

14 Trinity Pilgrims had a delightful and educational adventure snowshoeing on Mt. Bachelor with two Forest Service leaders, our own Bob Burpee and Norm Henry.  We hiked under sunny skies after lunch in the Rock Room.  Bob and Norm took us on a private trail with many stops for breath-catching while we absorbed information about volcanoes, avalanches, wildlife, trees,  and saw a most incredible view of Broken Top and the Three Sisters.

The Forest Service offers this adventure to all who show up on Saturday or Sundays at their hut just below West Village Lodge.  Check the website for times.  It is a relatively easy 1.4 mile hike and includes the free use of snowshoes.
Thank you Bob and Norm !

Thursday November 13th – snowed out!

Coming home this week (November 6) from the coast over the Santiam Pass, there was no snow and the color was still viable, so we think our hike to Proxy Falls and King Castle will be a perfect fall drive and hike.  Both hikes are shorter and easier than some of the others we have done this summer.  Proxy Falls is one mile hike on a paved path over lava rock  to a lovely waterfall.  We will return the same way.  Then onto King Castle which is another hike up switchbacks to the peak of King Castle where we will get a 360 degree view of the Willamette Valley.  It is just beautiful.  The switchbacks are easy and not steep.  The last few yards are a bit steep but so worth the small effort to see the view.  We will descend and then have lunch in McKenzie Bridge at Takoda’s Restaurant.  If anyone wishes, we can make a small 1/2 mile cutoff to St. Benedict’s Retreat Center in McKenzie Bridge.  Then a 90 minute trip home over the Santiam Pass.

Thursday October 30th Hike – To Smith Rock

August 28 – Green Lake

Here are a few pictures from our hike to Green Lake.  The next hike will be September 11 to TamMacArthur. Details will be sent to the email list.  All are welcome!

July 24 – McKenzie River

Here are some images from the hikealong the McKenzie River.  We hiked 6 miles from Deer Creek to Carmen Reservoir  through old growth forests along the McKenzie River.  We had a special visit from a Western Tanager who alerted us by his voice to his beautiful presence — thank you Dawn for pointing him out to us!


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