Click on the contacts name to contact them by email. If a contact is not listed please call the church office at 541-382-5542.

Our parish is not a business, but it nonetheless needs in some functions to be run in a business-like manner.  The following ministries provide administrative functions which allow the other ministries to fulfill their missions.  Please contact the person(s) listed below if you would like further information.

BUILDING AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE:  assists the Junior Warden with operation and maintenance of Trinity’s buildings and grounds
Tom Baxter  (406) 287-3073

CONTRIBUTIONS AND PLEDGES:  records and maintains records of pledges and giving
Joan Wellman    541-408-5435

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE: plans and coordinates parish response in the event of a disaster or emergency
John Lawson  (541) 410-6665

FINANCE COMMITTEE:  reviews church finances and develops budgets and recommendations for Vestry
Bill Brisson    (541) 647-9989  Treasurer

FOUNDATION:  provides financial support for the long-term operations and ministry of the church
David Carroll    (360) 708-0116

TRINITY LIBRARY: makes books available for check out for reference, pleasure, and growth.
Kathleen Martin  (541) 410-1505

TRUMPET:  coordinates, edits, lays out and publishes the monthly newsletter
Judy Warren  (541) 639-4111

TRUMPET MAILING:  mails copies of monthly newsletter
Carol Moore    (541) 382-7728

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