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Trinity Parish works to create an atmosphere in which our members feel invited and engaged.  We offer opportunities to move deeply into our Episcopal tradition, but also to embrace diverse forms of worship from time to time.  We enjoy positive and enriching worship as we integrate creative and socially-relevant ideas into our cherished heritage.  The result is a variety of services and liturgies, ranging, as our congregation does, from the traditional to the contemporary.


Time Description of Service
8:00 am Holy Eucharist, alternates between Rite 1 and Rite 2 using the Book of Common Prayer, no music
10:15 am Holy Eucharist, Rite II and alternate liturgies (such as Iona), organ and choir, fellowship following service


. . . opportunities to create worship

Many groups of dedicated parishioners give of their time, talent and financial treasure to enhance or contribute to our worship services, including those listed below.  Please contact the person(s) listed below and on the following page if you would like further information.

ALTAR FLOWERS:  creates flower arrangements for Sunday services
Carol Luther    (541) 389-7597

ALTAR GUILD:  prepares sanctuary and altar area for services, cares for linens and communion vessels
Donna Young  541-330-9544

CENTERING PRAYER:  gathers for silent contemplative prayer and reflections
Peggy Ziegler    (541) 388-1138

COMMUNION BREAD:  bakes altar bread
Janet Stevens    (541) 382-3076

EUCHARISTIC VISITORS:  carries Eucharist to those who are unable to attend services
Peggy Ziegler    (541) 388-1138

HEALING PRAYER:  makes healing prayer available at Sunday services
Peggy Ziegler    (541) 388-1138

LECTORS:  read lessons and prayers at Sunday services
Kim McClain    (480) 518-7789

LITURGICAL ARTS MINISTRY:  creates and maintains seasonal and special occasion vestments, banners and altar needs for the parish
Helen Brisson    (541) 647-9115

assists with readings and Eucharist during services
Kim McClain    (480) 518-7789

LITURGY PLANNING TEAM:  plans worship at Trinity
Rev. Jed Holdorph    (541) 382-5542

MUSIC:  provides music for Trinity services and through Friends with Songs provides music for those who cannot attend regular services

Susan Evans    (503) 490-7144
ST. CECELIA CHOIR:  children’s choir
Riki Strong    (541) 389-8757

SPIRITUAL COMPANIONS GROUP:  structured sharing of spiritual journeys in a group setting led by trained Spiritual Directors
Rev. Celine Burke    (541) 728-1224
Peggy Ziegler    (541) 388-1138

USHERS:  welcomes folks to the services, distributes worship booklets, collects offerings
Carol  Moore    (541) 382-7729   8 AM service
John Bolen    (541) 280-4777 10:15 AM service

WEDDING COORDINATOR:  assists wedding party in planning and preparation for the wedding ceremony
Joan Wellman   (541) 408-5435


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