Children and Youth

At Trinity, we value the contributions of all ages to our worship experience. From the smiles and sound of infants to the questioning look of a teenager; from the experiences of a young adult, the challenges of parenting, the difficulties of mid-life to the wisdom of the elderly, all ages create a beautiful tapestry that broadens and enriches our spiritual experience.

Current Programs

On Sundays, Trinity provides a Nursery for young children at both the 8 AM and 10 AM services. In addition, there is a Family Alcove area for quiet play in the sanctuary at the 10 AM service.

Prior to the pandemic, a Children’s Chapel time during the 10 AM service was offered each Sunday. Coming out of the pandemic, we are welcoming new families and children and are excited to tap their wonderful energy and vision to create enriching, fun and feasible activities for children and families.

Prep Squad for Family Kitchen
Middle and High School students are invited to participate in a service program preparing food items for Family Kitchen. The group meets Wednesdays from 2-4 PM.

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