Fr. Jeff, Ali McCullough, Mark Schlerf, and Bill Carrington can be contacted church office at 541-382-5542 or click on their name below for a contact form. All others – please call the church office.

Professional Staff

Interim Rector:Fr. Jeff Bullock
Parish Administrator:Ali McCullough 
Parish Sexton:Mark Schlerf
Music Director: Sarah Irvin
Organist/Pianist:Suzanne Gainey, Bill Carrington
Nursery Caregiver:Payton Walterman-Helms

Volunteers Supporting the Staff and Church

Buildings and Grounds:Bob Hann & team
Contribution and Pledge Recording:Joan Wellman
Finance Reviews and Budget Drafts:Terri Rahmsdorff & team
Foundation Funds Administration:David Carroll
WebmasterBill Brisson

Additional Relationships

Geriatric Care Specialist:Jeanne Merritt – Bend Senior Care Management (Contract)
Family Kitchen:Donna Burklo with 6 staff and 450 volunteers – under Memorandum of Agreement