Would you like to know more? Would you like to know more about your faith’s history and scripture? About your own personal theology?

Then join us in Education For Ministry this year. EFM is a four-year distance education program offered year by year, covering the Hebrew Scriptures, New Testament, Christian History, and Theology. The registration fee for our Trinity group is $375 per person for all course texts except the Bible (which we assume you have). The format is group discussion. All Christians are called to ministry. If you’re hearing this call more loudly lately, then EFM is a good way to travel the seven stations of what Bishop Curry calls, “The Way of Love:” By joining EFM you will turn toward deepening your knowledge.

In the class you will learn a lot about the past and the present. We also take time to pray, worship, and occasionally bless. All so that we can go into our lives with deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

So if now is not your time to rest, but your time to go deep, contact Gaye Lawson at 541-389-8166 or glawson@bendcable.com or Kake Huck, at 541-550-6545 of kakehuck@yahoo.com before August 15th.

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