The Trinity Episcopal Church Library

library image 1 smallerA message from our Parish Librarian , Kathleen Martin:

Our library is located in Trinity Hall in the Resource room next to Brooks Hall.  The Library is available during normal business hours Monday thru Friday – talk to a staff member in the church office for access. I try hard to be in the library on Thursday afternoons or can arrange to meet you after church on Sundays.

At the bottom of this page you will find a link to an Excel spreadsheet where all of our 600+ books are cataloged by topic, title, author, publisher and publication date, and also includes their shelf number so you can find them in the library. You will also find a link to information on how to use an Excel spreadsheet so you can quickly find books by a specific author, or maybe what our most current books are by year of publication.If you don’t have the capability of opening an Excel spreadsheet, you will also find a PDF copy of the listings.

If anyone would like a tour of the library, or a private lesson on using the spreadsheet system to find a book, please let me know. I would be most happy to help you!

New books are being donated every week, and just when I am caught up in cataloging them, a new batch mysteriously arrives in the library. I will update the website spreadsheet when I have added a note worthy amount of new books.

Kathleen Martin – Parish Librarian


How to use the Library Excel spreadsheet catalog
The Library Excel spreadsheet catalog
The PDF version of the Library catalog

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