Thanks to our Videographer, Jim Allen, for recording and publishing these videos for Trinity.

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May 22 The Rt. Rev. Patrick Bell A conversation with our new bishop between the Sunday services.
May 15 Ginger Sanders Ginger shares her photographs from Condega. Many of which show the students, administrators, the local towns and available lodgings. The general feel of the area is seen in the school, their homes and ranchita’s including the local livestock.
Apr 24 Trinity Peace and Justice Committee Discussion about stereotypes – the Committee’s book study of: “Whistling Vivaldi” by Claude M. Steele
Apr 17 Presiding Bishop Michael Curry was celebrant and preacher at our Sunday service at St. Helen’s Hall
Apr 16 Consecration of Bishop Patrick Bell
Apr 10 The Rev. Jed Holdorph Rev. Jed Holdorph leads a discussion about Diana Bass Butler’s book “Grounded” which was the Thursday book club selection.
Apr 9 April 9, AED Training
Mar 13 The Rev. John Collins “Don’t Put Off Dying” – Part 5
“A Holy Death”
Mar 6 The Rev. Jed Holdorph “Don’t Put Off Dying” – Part 4
“Funeral Planning”
Feb 28 David Caroll “Don’t Put Off Dying” – Part 3
“Estate Planning”
Feb 14 The Rev. Jed Holdorph “Don’t Put Off Dying” – Part 2 (Note that audio is good but image is out of focus)
“Tell Me About Heaven”
Feb 21 The Rev. Jed Holdorph “Don’t Put Off Dying” – Part 1
“The Conversation Project”
Jan 24 Peggy Ziegler Peggy leads a discussion about the Eucharist.
Jan 17 The Rev. Jed Holdorph Jed explains the recent Anglican Communion’s suspension of some of the Episcopal Churches participation rights in the Communion.
Jan 17 Joan Wellman Open Forum with Senior Warden Joan Wellman
Jan 10 The Rev. Jed Holdorph and Treasurer Bill Brisson Report on the 2015 year end and the 2016 budgets.
Jan 10 Members of the Peace and Social Justice Team They discuss their passions for being part of the group.
Jan 3 The Rev. Jed Holdorph Looking Back on 2015
Dec 13&20

The Rev. Canon Marianne Wells Borg

Substitutional Atonement – Part 1
Substitutional Atonement – Part 2
 Nov 22 The Rev. Canon Marianne Wells Borg A History of the Early Bible – “Why is the story told this way”

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