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Click on the contacts name to contact them. If a contact is not listed please contact the church office at 541-382-5542.

Focus on Outreach is of primary importance for many Trinity parishioners, and is supported by the Rector and Vestry.  Parishioners are quick to respond with their hearts and services to those in need, both with person-to-person connections and through major ministries.  Parishioners also “reach out” to address the underlying causes of social and environmental problems that affect all of us.  Related ministries at Trinity including the following.  Please contact the person(s) listed below if you would like further information.

BAZAAR AND BAKE SALE: raises money for the Trinity Outreach Commission by making and selling items in the fall
Adrienne Garrison (517) 499-2026

CENTRAL OREGON NEIGHBOR LOVE: teams of individuals from the various faith communities in Bend who are working to move forward for immigrant justice
Gail McGuire (541) 617-3991

CHRISTMAS GIVING: collects, organizes and delivers Christmas food gift cards, and special gifts to children, to make Christmas merrier for local families
Judy Warren  (541) 639-4111    Food Gift cards
Julie Lear       (541) 389-2490    Angel Giving Tree

CONDEGA PROJECT:  an international outreach of Trinity to the people of Condega, Nicaragua.  Each year a group from the church visits Condega, taking school supplies and funds to support a dormitory for deaf children, school uniforms, medicine and other projects.  The Condega Project is a member of the nonprofit Bend Sister City Foundation and supports efforts to build a relationship between the people of Bend and the people of Condega.
Rick Negus    (541) 382-8954

COVE/C.O.P.Y.:   with Central Oregon Partnership for Youth sends kids to summer camp at Cove, Oregon
Terry Rahmsdorff    (541) 388-2778

EPISCOPAL RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT (ERD):  Trinity supports ERD’s mission to provide community development and disaster relief in the United States and 40 other countries by conducting two major fundraisers:  an Alternative Christmas during Advent, and a Hope Chest Project during Lent.  ERD helps 3 million people annually by working directly with church and other partners to empower people to find lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and disease.
Marie Suhre    (541) 306-6043

FAMILY KITCHEN:  multi-church meal service to the hungry.  Church and community volunteers help prepare and serve the meals.  Five Trinity members lead teams at the Kitchen.  Please feel free to contact any of them if you are interested in helping or have questions we can answer:

Sylvie DeKalb  (541) 389-4746  Lunch, 1st Saturdays
Kathy Drew  (541) 389-4947  Dinner, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays
Peter Lovering and
Loretta Slepikas
 (541) 788-6425  Dinner, 2nd Friday
Lee McGee  (541) 213-1512  Lunch, every other Monday
Rick Negus  (541) 382-8954  Lunch, every other Monday
Carolyn Richardson  (541) 408-9870  Dinner, 2nd Tuesday

FAMILY KITCHEN BREAD TEAM:  picks up bread from local stores and delivers the donation to Family Kitchen
Carol  Moore    (541) 382-7729

HIGHWAY CLEANUP:  periodically cleans a section of US Highway 20
Tom and Shirley Baxter   (406) 490-0014

OUTREACH COMMISSION:  tasked by the Vestry, raises and distributes funds to nonprofit organizations that serve the needs of our community and beyond.  Parishioners are encouraged to volunteer and support fundraising events.  The commission also facilitates  communication and coordination among other outreach ministries listed below.
Sylvie DeKalb (541) 331-2531

PEACE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE: social justice outreach activities, education and advocacy
Ann Havill (541) 633-7354

PREP SQUAD:  teens prepare food for Family Kitchen
Jan Schweizer    (541) 516-8653

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