Welcome to the website of Trinity Episcopal Church!

We’re glad that you found us. We are a community of Christians who welcome diversity in theology and world view. We rejoice in God’s grace as it blesses our lives and sustains our worship, as it calls forth the warmth and love that flow from our members. We are Christians on a journey and we’d love to have you join us. Blessings on your day!


Trinity Episcopal Church is rooted in the way of love. We are an open
and accepting community, growing God’s kingdom by proclaiming Jesus’
unconditional love, striving for social justice, and caring for God’s creation.


We seek to be a beloved community of God’s grace by welcoming all,
valuing all, and serving all.


  1. Reaching Out: We will respond with our hearts and service to those in need, both with person-to-person connections and through major ministries. We will also reach out to address the underlying causes of social and environmental problems that affect us all.
  1. Creating Connections: We will connect and support each other by caring in times of need and gathering together for joyful celebrations and fellowship.
  1. Exploring Faith: We will strive to be a center for education, community and spiritual life.
  1. Creating Worship: We will offer opportunities to move deeply into our Episcopal tradition, but also to embrace diverse forms of worship from time to time.
  1. Welcoming All: We will open our doors and hearts to all.

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